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How Designing with Web Standards Make your Website Cost Less, Work Better and Reach More People


There is a book entitled “Designing with Web Standards” written by Ethan Marcotte and Jeffrey Zeldman, the co-founder of The Web Standards Project, that turned the most complex information easy for designers and developers to digest. According to this book, The Web Standards Project is a coalition that initiated and brought standards to the browsers we’re using today.

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Motivation Manifesto – Reflection Part 2

And so this is the part two of my reflection in Brendon Burchard’s Motivation Manifesto.

Excited? Okay. Let’s start!

5. Attention sustains motivation.



Motivation fuels momentum. How could we fuel momentum if we don’t have constant attention? We have to commit to every area of our target. We have to be alert for changes. Constant attention to our intents sustains motivation to continue what we started.

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Motivation Manifesto – Reflection

I woke up on a Wednesday morning. And every morning, I would always turn on the modem for internet. I was really feeling lazy that time so I just grabbed the tablet. Unfortunately, I saw a certain light of the modem was flashing red which means there was no internet access. Dang! I don’t want to turn on the computer to fix it.

But I can’t help it. When I could already access to our internet, I just used the computer to browse. And I saw this note posted by Jomar Hilario, the Philippine Virtual Assistant Guru. This note was about why people fail. I read and I just clicked the link ( ) I really didn’t know.

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