Motivation Manifesto – Reflection

I woke up on a Wednesday morning. And every morning, I would always turn on the modem for internet. I was really feeling lazy that time so I just grabbed the tablet. Unfortunately, I saw a certain light of the modem was flashing red which means there was no internet access. Dang! I don’t want to turn on the computer to fix it.

But I can’t help it. When I could already access to our internet, I just used the computer to browse. And I saw this note posted by Jomar Hilario, the Philippine Virtual Assistant Guru. This note was about why people fail. I read and I just clicked the link ( ) I really didn’t know.

I just found myself watching a video as Brendon Burchard was talking about his book, “Motivation Manifesto”. First thing that marked in my heart was when he told that it wasn’t fear that makes us not successful or makes us stuck to where we were. It was lack of motivation. It did struck my heart because I was really scared to move on. To feel difficult. To feel the hardships. Never did I realize that I lacked motivation to push through those obstacles. I lack motivation to fuel my momentum.

Then he emphasized eight points for everyone to ponder:

1. We all strive for personal freedom.


I absolutely agree that we are struggling to get out of where we are because we want more freedom. Either spiritual freedom or emotional freedom or financial freedom. We want more freedom because more freedom means more choices. The more options you have, the less hassle or stress will occur.
2. You don’t feel motivation. You generate motivation.
Power plant doesn’t have energy. It transforms and generates energy. Same with us, we don’t feel motivation. We generate motivation. We develop it to fuel our momentum. We work on our personal development to be more focused. We read inspiring books. We watch insightful videos or we listen to audio files. We work on ourselves to achieve our ambition.
3. Motivation begins with ambition.
Doing what we are doing today serves a purpose. And what is that purpose. We have our goal or ambition. We want something either a house, car or something intangible. We strive to get this ambition achieved.  Why do we strive? Simple because we are motivated to get to that finish line. We want that trophy.
4. Expectancy sparks motivation.
Why do we have an ambition if we don’t believe in it? Where is our motivation if we don’t have faith to that trophy? We have to believe that our dream is possible. We put faith to whatever we are doing towards our goal. We expect that we are going to meet the deadline. We expect to get promoted. that’s why are motivated to finally grasp our dream which is once intangible.
To be continued… Wait for more points he emphasized! See you then.
By Eirin Gonzales
The Advanced Versatile VA
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