Motivation Manifesto – Reflection Part 2

And so this is the part two of my reflection in Brendon Burchard’s Motivation Manifesto.

Excited? Okay. Let’s start!

5. Attention sustains motivation.



Motivation fuels momentum. How could we fuel momentum if we don’t have constant attention? We have to commit to every area of our target. We have to be alert for changes. Constant attention to our intents sustains motivation to continue what we started.

6. Effort sustains motivation.
Okay. We are developing the motivation we want. But we don’t have activity. How can we move forward if we are not making steps to move? What is the feeling if we are all just planning, and not acting? Are you going to get something in the end? None but regrets. Drama. And I know you don’t like it. With constant effort, you see little results. And you are now motivated to finish what you’ve started.
7. Attitude implies motivation.


After all, it is about you. In the end of the day, it is only you. It is only your philosophy that will save all. It is your attitude to continue everything despite obstacles or pressure. It is who you become in the journey to fulfill your objectives.
8.  Environment amplifies motivation.


Environment affects motivation. If we have not well-ventilated room or not well-lighted, we feel uncomfortable to do our task. If the environment adds stress or hassle to us, it is not a good place to work on. You can’t focus to what needed to be focused on. If you can’t focus, you can’t finish a certain task. Therefore, you can’t get to that finish line.
And these are the eight points that could help you to master your motivation.
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Thank you!
By Eirin Gonzales
The Advanced Versatile VA
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