Marketing Review – Jim Rohn (Facebook Page)

Jim Rohn's Facebook Page
Jim Rohn’s Facebook Page

If I may compare him to a fruit, it would be a banana. Why? Of all fruits, only this fruit has heart. And this person has inspired millions of people to change their lives into better ones. That’s why, I made a review on his page. Let’s see!

Jim Rohn
Jim Rohn

1. Since he is a person, his picture as a primary photo will work.

2. Facebook page has its own ways to gain likes. One is public figure. Since he is known all over the world, his page, his words have a place.

3. This symbol represents that this is the official page of Jim Rohn who helped turn lives of millions.

4. People seldom look at the About page. That’s why positioning in the cover photo is really good.

5. Pictures are high quality.

6. The scene of his cover photo says the whole thing about him.

Jim Rohn Facebook Page
Jim Rohn Facebook Page

7. Good to have videos, not only posters. If you have created videos, be sure to make meaningful ones.

8. Post at least 3 to 5 every day. Make your page up to date.

9. Other posts may have been words only but those words change lives of millions.

10. You can try making quizzes or games like puzzles as other content.

11. Join the conversation. It’s easy to like or just comment with them.

12. Facebook apps will help you widen your audience. Connect your other social media.

13. Nice to have posts about your page. These serve as testimonials.

14. I recommend to add email catcher. People will love to receive email newsletter from you.

Jim Rohn: Poster
Jim Rohn: Poster

15. The description to the product is not selling but marketing. Awesome!

16. Gain not just likes but also, shares. make people share it. Make people talk about it.

17. Put a call to action. Invite them to share it or visit your website.

18. Engage with your audience. Increase people talking about your page.

19. Use a bigger picture or bigger resolution for your posters.

Jim Rohn: Poster
Jim Rohn: Poster

20. Discounts with your products attract customers. They want to get something free.

21. Put a call to action on every poster.

22. Good that you have included your website!

23. Don’t make your customers feel neglected. Answer to them as soon as possible.


By Eirin Gonzales


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