Who’s that? The Proactive Developer?

Picture of Eirin GonzalesHi,

I’m Eirin Gonzales.

A social media marketer who edits stunning and effective posters for your social media. A WordPress and front end developer who designs the look and feel of your website to make your visitors experience it real. A virtual professional who not only creates art, but also makes sure it will reach your followers.

But who really am I?

I make sure I deliver maximum A+ output.

Every time I’m creating a poster, article, a computer program or a website, I make sure I feel amazing about it. I want that everything is clean. Everything is running smoothly. Everything is in its proper place. Because if it isn’t, I feel itchy. I feel like I want to grab that piece of craft again and tinker and perfect it.

If I see something that needs attention, I immediately take action. Either from letting the authority know it or fixing some typographical errors. I take initiative because I care about your business.

I design. I develop. I market.

Designing is not just colors, shapes or texture. It’s about user experience. How your visitors interact with your content is a huge factor in building your website.

After a design process comes a developing stage.

I don’t just build websites or systems just to accomplish what has to be done.

I do my best to code clean.

I code clean because I want your website to be built on web standards. Web standards make your business website cost less, work better and reach more people.

It also makes it readable to other developers when in case, in the future, you’re going to hire new programmers.

I don’t only care about getting my work done but I also look on how you’re going to save time and cash.

I do research to provide strategies to make your business better. I’ll share my ideas based on research to gain leads from social media. More leads mean more sales coming up.

And finally, I’ll help you on how you’re going to cut back on your business expenses and get more time by delegating tasks that are not your thing but important in your business.

Save your worries by delegating these tasks to me, The Proactive Developer.

In your journey with me, I don’t work alone. I work with you.

So let’s grow your business.

Do you want A+ results?

Let’s talk.

Email me at eiringonzales@gmail[dot]com so I can start helping you with what you need.

Or you can contact me here or through my social media accounts below.

Best wishes,